Why Choose MCO?

Buying or selling a mid-sized company is a complex task. Finding the right Advising firm is just as difficult.

Where can the owner of a mid-sized company turn for help?

Local intermediaries are well-suited for smaller deals, but typically lack the depth to properly structure complex middle market transactions. Wall Street investment banks and large regional firms have excellent qualifications, but most require six figure retainers and $1 million minimum success fees.

MCO Business Advisors provides merger & acquisition advisory services and business valuations for mid-sized businesses. We represent companies that demand the highest level of professional representation, but due to their size are typically overlooked by the larger investment banks.

The Advisors of MCO have over 40 years of combined experience representing both buyers and sellers. We aggressively negotiate the most favorable price and terms for our clients and work diligently to close the deal.

So, where can the owner of a mid-sized company turn for help? The answer is MCO Business Advisors.